Hurray Brazil!

It’s not a very big story on this side of the planet, and with an estimated population of 201 million people, that’s a bit sad on it’s own, but we should at least take note that in overseeing elections in Brazil, President Lula Da Silva is about to achieve what is the most important thing for a government in that part of the world: a peaceful transition of power.  It’s not the first time for Brazil, either, as Lula himself succeeded Fernando Henrique Cardoso in 2003, who himself had succeeded Itamar Franco.  Another sign of the health of Brazil is that neither Franco nor FHC are wanted men, and have not been shown to have been corrupt.  This is not the way with many other countries.  Good luck to the candidates vying to succeed Lula!  They have both big shoes to fill and a great democracy to oversee.

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