Recipe: Morroccan Lamb with Shiraz Honey Sauce

I was SO getting into a rut with food for the last few weeks, and so I got to thinking: how about Moroccan? After all, those of us who know the Bay Area probably have eaten at Marrakesh in San Francisco, and they (at least used to) have some wonderful dishes, like this one.

This is a recipe right off of  I like that web site because many of the dishes are easy to prepare.  I am no chef.  I am barely a cook.  It took me no more than 40 minutes start to finish to cook up this little gem.  The catch is making sure you start with the right ingredients, and not to fuss about frenching the lamb rack.  (Wow that sounds obscene, anyway.  How do butchers come up with these terms?)

It’s a nice change of pace, and something easily made at home.  Just brush your teeth afterward!

One thought on “Recipe: Morroccan Lamb with Shiraz Honey Sauce”

  1. Marakesh out, Azuza in. Not so great spot on Geary but wonderful food. Also Kokkari, though more Greek. Know I am not the only person to notice how hard it is to separate all of the spectrum Med cuisines.

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