Should I renew the WSJ?

I have enjoyed the Wall Street Journal online edition for many years.  Their reporting was poignant, accurate, and generally kept within the scope of how a particular effort would have some economic impact on peoples’ lives.  There weren’t excessive numbers of fluffy stories, and the right wing bent of the editors was largely kept to the editorial page.  The web site itself wasn’t flashy (pun intended), and gave me a pretty good understanding of the important events of the day.

Seemingly with the takeover of the News Corporation, however, the web site has taken a turn for the worse.  With more flash, more video, and more interactive grahics, it has become hard to actually find the news stories.  With me reading less and less, I wonder, therefore, why I should pay more and more.  The price of the Online Journal this year is going up by a honking 50%.

With the former editor of the Wall Street Journal under the previous ownership now at the Washington Post, I wonder if I should read that web site instead.  And so my question to you; what is your primary news source?  And what is your primary online news source in print?  Aside from the WSJ, I also read the New York Times and Google News.  Of course, one can always count on CNN for the “Man bites dog” stories…

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