Going to Dover a Photo Op? Who cares? Just donate.

The latest Fox blather has Rush Limbaugh claiming that President Obama went to Dover AFB to get a photo op, instead of to honor the fallen troops who arrived there.  To which I say: whatever. First of all, I had no problem with the President honoring the fallen by going to Dover.  Contrary to many liberal Democrats, I also had no problem with President Bush not going to Dover.  He chose instead to visit with the families of the dead soldiers instead.  I think it’s those families that matter, and not me in those circumstances.  What I had a problem with, was the Bush administration applying a blanket rule, outlawing press photographs of caskets.  It seems to me that it should, once again, be left to the families of those  involved.  As it was, it also seemed to me that President Bush was attempting to downplay the number of people who died in Iraq.  That number stands at 4,355, according to icasualties.org and antiwar.com.  Let’s also keep in mind the other 31,545 Americans who were injured, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.  In looking for sites to donate to the benefit of soldiers and their families, Fisher House is one that people tend to mention, but I wonder what other people think.  Donating seems to me the appropriate way to comment on this otherwise rabid nonsense.  I also wonder how much Rush Limbaugh has donated.

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