Yet more garbage out of Fox

As if to prove the point of my previous post, Fox News had this lovely story that Google’s aggregator caught about supposed increased costs due to immigration.  But once again, we have to consider the source, and in this case, the source of their story is an advocacy group called FAIR (The Federation for American Immigration Reform).  Their “researchers” are advocates.  A hint that something is wrong with this story is already present in the article, when you read that the “research” was released exclusively to Fox.  Oops!  That’s not fair research.  Real research is open to all to inspect and challenge.

People often say, “Oh the left is just as bad.”  I find no such equivalence.  A good right wing lightning rod, The New York Times, features today an expose on a Democrat Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, where he claims to have served in Vietnam, but didn’t.  The Right does that same sort of investigation of the Right, right? Wrong.

And so I wonder, oh Conservative friends of mine, what value is Fox News when they lie to you?

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