Steve Jobs: You get a timeout

The scene at the Jobs house this week:

Steve (played by a 6 year old boy): Hmm..  the reception on my iPhone 4 sucks.  So let’s just cover it up with a software update.

Consumers Report (played by Mommy): Steve, your iPhone 4 isn’t receiving properly.  And I caught you trying to cover it up.  That will be a time out.

S: But MOM! RIM isn’t receiving well, and Motorolla isn’t receiving well.

C: That may be so, Steve, but we are talking about you and not your friends.

S: But Mom!

C: Don’t but mom me. First you caused a problem for a vast number of consumers, and then you tried to cover it up.  The least you can do is apologize, and try to make up for it.

S: Ok, here’s this phone condom.  That will certainly make up for the waste of hundreds of dollars per consumer.

C: Steve!  Go sit in the naughty chair.  You may stand up and go play with the other children when you apologize and really mean it.

Interestingly, when polled unscientifically by the Wall St. Journal, parents in Steve’s community are equally divided over whether he behaved well.  What kind of parents are those who accept such behavior?