Department of Stoopid: Virgin Airlines asks US flyers to avoid them

CNN reports that a Virgin Airlines flight diverted to Bradley International Airport in Connecticut sat on the tarmac for four hours, without so much as offering water.  The excuse used is that the airport is not equipped with a suitable customs facility (Bradley has exactly one connection outside the United States – Toronto), but once again we see an inability to manage risks.  What was the risk to passengers versus the risk to others by letting them sit in the terminal until appropriate customs people had arrived?

But our story doesn’t end there.  As you may recall, airlines may now be fined for such behavior, but there’s a catch: the rule applies to domestic flights.  A Virgin spokesman said that because they are a UK-flagged carrier they are not subject to U.S. laws.  If that is indeed the correct logic, and that you’d receive the protection with a US carrier, then Virgin is encouraging you not to fly their airline.  Go figure.

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