Yeah, NJ: Governor Christie screwed you (again)

The New York Times reports that a forthcoming GAO report shows the government distorted the facts, made misstatements, and said whatever he needed to say to cancel a tunnel project that would make the lives of hundreds of thousands of people better. Good going, Governor!

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey (courtesy: Luigi Novi)

Back in 2010, I wrote about how foolish and shortsighted Governor Chris Christie was being when he cancelled a new tunnel project for trains between New York City and New Jersey on practically the same day that the Swiss broke through a new mountain tunnel on either side.  The contrast was nothing short of sad, from an American perspective.

But now it turns out that Christie was being very loose with the facts, according to the  New York Times.  It says that in a forthcoming GAO report, the governor misrepresented both the total cost for the tunnel, and New Jersey’s share of it.  That’s a shame.  Anyone who commutes by train into New York knows that it doesn’t take much for trains to run late.  That gets more people into cars, the long term results being more pollution, more asthma, and more traffic for New Jersey and New York.  Good going, Governor Christie!  Thanks for making the lives of people in New Jersey more miserable.  I’m sure that’s why you’re there.

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