How to get around London in Style and Speed

Depending on who you believe (see here, here, and here), the average driving speed in London is between 6 and 12 mph, using surface transportation, and about 20 mph below ground.  You might think that the best way to speed things up would be to take a helicopter, but one limousine company can offer you a way to get there fast.

That’s right.  A fire engine limosine, courtesy of  Here’s the real question.  Can you get them to use the sirens?  Yes, with a pang of guilt that you too could contribute to someone not believing that in fact that fire engine behind behind them is saving lives, speeding through the streets of london, in an imposing fraud, perhaps sirens a’blazen.  Or, perhaps you can roll up to The Old Lady’s house in search of some traces of smoke.  Who knows?  Maybe the Queen herself could find it faster to get around town than that old horse and carriage.

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