California Prison Guards Misfire

According to the Associated Press, California prison guards now want to recall Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger using the same procedure that removed the previous governor, Gray Davis.  What great wrong has Arnold Schwarzenegger committed that he should deserve such an ignominious end?  He didn’t give them special treatment, when he cut pay while the budget dispute there drags on.

The job of a prison guard is a miserable one, there can be no question.  Some of the people who take the job aren’t far from the people their guarding in mentality.  But their unions have been a huge force in California politics, with strong mobilization efforts.

By handing themselves to him on a silver platter, the unions have provided the governor exactly what he needs right now: a big target that people can dislike more than him.  Not only will they succeed in their recall efforts, but by failing they will be politically neutered with their loss, making it possible for anyone to get elected without them.  Now those are handcuffs worth throwing off.

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