Update: Obama now up by 14

This according to a new CBS/New York Times poll. Why?  For the precise reasons I’ve been writing: McCain has managed to dirty himself with the mud he and his running mate have been throwing.  The funny thing is that the mud just keeps on coming.  The next trick will be a new message from the McCain campaign.  We call that “too little too late”.

Now some people are talking about The So-Called “Bradley Effect”, where Tom Bradley ran against George Deukmejian for California Governor and peaked too early and lost.  This should not be confused with the Tom Bradley Blunder of the Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool.  In the case of the Bradley Blunder, one of the invitational entrants mysteriously requested that Tom Bradley’s name be struck from her list of people to die.  It later emerged that she had met the former mayer of Los Angeles and liked him.  The lesson: never meet people who you bet money will die.