Bernie Sanders For President

Bernie Sanders will change the course of American politics. By making clear what his moral positions are, he will lead the country away from three decades of failed right wing policies, providing a clear Democratic vision.

Bernie SandersToday I’m endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders for president of the United States.

Both candidates would make infinitely better leaders than any of the Republican choices.  Both derive their positions from deep experience, both as executives and legislators.  Both believe in a strong collaborative foreign policy as opposed to Republican isolationism.  Former Secretary Clinton has amazing intellectual capacity.  The many unfair attacks against her speak more about the character of those doing the attacking.  She would make an excellent president.

However, we need someone who will not lead us from the supposed center, but who instead will effect a tectonic shift of the center, who will have no truck with those who would settle for status quo.  For over thirty years, America has been misled by Republican leaders to believe that public investment in infrastructure and government oversight is somehow wrong.  The poisoned water in Flint Michigan was no accident, but the result of neglect.  That same neglect threatens our food supply and the very air we breath.  Thirty years of neglect of our school systems have caused teachers to walk away from an honorable profession, dividing our country into two classes- those who can afford a decent education, and those who cannot.  If we want to put an end to that, someone must lead us away from the oncoming climate disaster, and from rule by religion that the Christian Right has enjoyed for too long.

Mrs. Clinton would only hold the presidency, and lead from the current center.  She seeks to build incrementally on President Obama’s policies. Mr. Sanders has an opportunity not only to capture the White House, but to establish a firm Democratic vision that will reform the party.  In so doing he would take a wrecking ball, not to our infrastructure as the Republican leaders have, but to the failed Republican practice of allowing a good Fox News sound bite full of falsehoods dictate policy.  America needs to begin to correct the damage that has been caused.  That’s where the center needs to be, and that is where I believe Mr. Sanders will take us.