The President Is Not A King

July 24th, was the 34th anniversary of United States v. Nixon, in which the Court told the President that he was not above the law, no matter what executive powers he claimed.  Thank goodness they did, because we now know what a whacked out weirdo Nixon was.  Written by the Chief Justice, Amazingly that decision was uanimous where the majority were Republicans.  Watergate was notorious for the abuses of power President Nixon thought he could get away with, and for the way our constitutional system performed.  It took a Republican stalwart the likes of Barry Goldwater to tell President Nixon that he had to go.

Why didn’t this happen with the tremendous abuses of power the current administration has committed?  One answer is that removal from office is an inherent political act, and intentionally difficult.  Put another way, the Democrats are chicken.  They are fearful that the public will shift against them.  It is because they are afraid to lead.  No Democrat is more fearful than my own Congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi.

While it may be the case that President Bush would not be convicted, we will never know.  Too much information has been hidden.  One could not imagine the current Court showing the courage the Burger court showed in 1974.  The current Court has demonstrated a willingness to show such deference to this administration as to anoint this president King George.

War or no war, if we do not protect our civil liberties and protect against fascism, we will lose our freedom.  That has been the major accomplishment of this adminsitration: to strip individuals of their freedom.  To think that the previous president was impeached for a considerably lesser charge while that this one has gone untouched is just shameful.