Olympic moment: the Women’s Biathlon

Last night we watched the Magdalena Neuner of Germany win the Women’s Biathlon at the Vancouver games.  I have only three questions about this event:

  1. With all of those guns, if someone is in front of you, can you shoot them to get ahead?  After all, this is a competition?
  2. With all of those guns, where were all of the Americans?  Not a single one apparently was in the final.  In fact, it seems that this is a Russo-European race.  Four continents went completely unrepresented.
  3. With all of those guns, where the heck was James Bond?  I kept expecting to seem him cut across the track, while all the competitors from Eastern Europe started aiming at him.  THAT would have been entertainment.

(I have no idea why we watched this particular event.  We’d just finished watching Slum Dog Millionaire for the first time.  That was good.)