Win! Dealer supports customer! This must not be America

It’s not- it’s Switzerland.

So here’s a story for my friend Tom who hates BMW America. I was beginning to feel the same way about our national sales organization here in Switzerland. We had been hearing what to me sounds like valves banging around, practically since the day we got the car, but it was intermittent. Well, 4 years and 22,000 miles later (after the warranty is supposed to have expired), we were able to reproduce it. And guess what? It was valves banging around.

Initially, BMW Switzerland said they’d cover parts and 1/2 labor. But our guy at the local garage argued back at them on our behalf and got them to eat the whole valve job.


3 thoughts on “Win! Dealer supports customer! This must not be America”

  1. Car and computer troubles are a lot alike, aren’t they? You can experience some trouble, but when the expert is looking in, the problem can’t be reproduced. My sedan is currently in the shop, awaiting some analysis on the VANOS unit, and I’m hoping it’s the simpler of two repairs. Once I get that one back, I can dive into my other car’s ABS issue.

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