The Move: Before

Many people have asked about how our move went.  We now have some before and after pictures, with just a bit of commentary.

This is our old “Wintergarten”, with sattelite dish disassembled.   While this was a nice sunny room, the windows were quite high and it was quite hot in the summer.



Boxes, boxes, and more boxes.  We had about 120 boxes by the time we were said and done.  Boxes were something that came free in the last move, but here in Switzerland nothing comes for free.  We ended up spending almost CHF 700 on just boxes.  In general, the cost and effort for the move for 1km is not all that different than a 10,000km move.



And a final view of everything before the movers arrive.  After the move, this place had to be cleaned.  Goodbye Weberweg.

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