Restore Morsi Now!

I am no fan of the Muslim Brotherhood, as many of their political positions are diametrically oppose to my own.


I am a big fan of democracy.  However imperfect his election and that of the parliament, President Mohammed Morsi deserves the world’s support.  We in America often forget just how imperfect our democracy is.  Putting aside hanging chads, they used to have a saying in Chicago: vote early, vote often.

Democracy takes time to get right.  It takes commitment, and it takes patience.  Could you imagine the United States Army going in and taking over CNN in Atlanta, and arresting the president, simply because of a large protest on the Mall?  Those protests are meant to sway legislators and those who vote for them peacefully.

And it hasn’t always been so peaceful, even in America.  Some people may remember Sheriff Bull Connor who set dogs and fire hoses on peaceful protestors.  And we don’t even have to go back that far.  But we got better at it.

So would Egypt, if they give it time and patience.

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