What’s the cure for Steve Jobs’ Illness?

AppleA lawsuit?  That is what some shareholders are rumoured to be considering, because they feel as though they were kept in the dark about the struggling CEO’s health.  While Jobs is known to be an aggressive man in many respects, his health is something he may have very little control over, as we probably know lots less than we don’t about the human body.

One thing we do know is that stress isn’t good.  And would could be more stressful than having to worry, not only about one’s continued survival, but also about having answer depositions about that subject?  What if such a lawsuit prevails?  Would it mean that it is now tortous to become ill or to simply to be optimistic about one’s own chances?

Many AAPL shareholders have done remarkably well, thanks to Jobs.  The least we can do is let the man deal with his illness in peace.

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