There really is nothing Easy about EasyJet

Dear friends Steve & Mary have returned from living in Australia, and so we will visit them in the UK.  To do this, I did my level best to try and find a cheap flight from Zürich.  “Cheap flight” and Zürich?  Say it isn’t so?!

It isn’t so.

EasyJet advertised a low fare on their web site.  Indeed it was fantastically low at CHF 312.27 for the three of us.  And so I clicked on buy.  But wait, not so fast.  First we had to turn down travel insurance for 71.85  CHF, and then we had to spend 108 CHF so we could check luggage (anyone with a kid checks luggage), bringing the total to 427.

But wait!  Want seats?  Forget it, but you can spend some extra bucks to get on the plane first.  We didn’t.

But wait!  That will be an extra 20 CHF for using your Mastercard over the web.  Only a certain Visa (not all Visas) get you a break on that.

But wait!  They didn’t even accept my Mastercard for reasons passing understanding (of myself or my card’s issuing bank).

So after all of that, we’re flying Swiss.  819 CHF, but at least we can book them.

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