Happy Birthday Ringo Starr! 70!

Ringo at 70 (NYT)

Ringo Starr asks for his birthday today, according to this article in the New York Times, that everyone at noon their time put their fingers up and put our fingers up and say, “Peace and love.”  Sure!  why not?  It’s in twenty minutes for me, and we certainly could use more.

The article is really quite funny, and represents a light style that Starr is famous for.  Happy birthday Ringo Starr!

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Viva La France!


Happy Bastille Day!

It was on this day in 1789 that The Bastille itself was stormed, it having become a symbol of oppression where many folks lost their heads.  Let’s take a moment to recount just a few things the French have brought the world (and for now we’ll exclude french fries, french toast, and frenching).

  • French Wine—  France offers a wide variety of reds and whites, including some interesting sparkling reds.  Chateua Nuef de Pape, Cotes du Rhone, and the big ones like Pomerol are something they’ve given me.
  • Bread—  Nobody does a better croissant than France.  Napoleon even erected a fort in the Alps to keep the Italians from stealing all the good bread.  Italians need to learn how to make bread like the french.
  • The Statue of Liberty— a remarkable lady whose purpose seems forgotten in this unkind time.
  • The United States of America— Without Lafayette there would have been no U.S.A.
  • The Citroen— without this peace of junk, there is no way the big three could have lasted as long as they have.
  • The Crepe— need I say more.

So Happy Birthday, France!  Salut!

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